After a year that guided majority of us to spend more time at home, people have been investing into their homes and redesigning their spaces more than ever. We’ve rounded up the top interior design trends for 2021 for you so that you can bring comfort and creativity to your living spaces. Comfort and flexibility will be two big trends considering most people were forced to rearrange their homes to cater to their employment and childcare needs. Whether you needed to create your own office or school space for your children, redesigning home spaces were key.

Here are the best interior design trends for 2021 that are becoming increasingly popular:

Luxury Minimalist Approach

We’ve all heard the saying, “Less is more”, and that’s what the luxury minimalist interior trend of 2021 is all about! Keeping a space simple, clean and decluttered can help highlight your home’s best features. A luxury minimalist approach is when you clear a space and fill it with only a few furniture pieces. The luxury element of this trend comes in when you add materials, furniture and accessories with a luxury touch (typically handcrafted items that are made from purer materials). 

In a luxury minimalist approach, you typically don’t need to add too many home accents. Fewer items on display means a space that feels less crowded so the architecture of your home or the intricacy of your handcrafted furniture is appreciated in all of their glorious simplicity. Minimalist spaces are instantly recognizable for their crisp, clean and clutter-free look. The de-cluttering of a space helps to de-clutter the mind and to create a sense of visual calm. For 2021 function is the focus, and so you can use as little furniture as possible to make your space look larger and really focus on the raw attributes of your foundation as the centrepiece of your home. We love this interior design trend for 2021!

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Luxury Minimalist - Interior Design Trend 2021


Neutral Colors

Neutral colour palettes have been a popular interior design trend for awhile now and far from boring! They can benefit you in numerous ways and are one of the top interior design trends for 2021. A neutral colour gives you the freedom to easily experiment with textiles and accessories in bolder and more vivid colours. Or, you can use the neutral colours to give your room a more open and spacious look. Opting for muted or darker neutrals can make a space look cozier, but if you opt for lighter neutrals they can look calming and fresh. 

Neutral colour schemes are ideal for creating more intimate and welcoming environments. If you’re going for an all-neutral look, you can layer different hues of the same colour for a classy and sophisticated look. For example, you could choose a lighter shade for the walls, and a dark shade for the upholstery. Or, you could choose a rug that compliments the flooring but one that is also a shade darker than the walls so that the furniture stands out. And to tie the room together, you can add in accessories that include some or all of the shades that you have used in the room. 

The great thing about neutral colours is they can work with any style. We expect neutral colours to be popular throughout the upcoming years as they are easy to design your home around and provide a calming backdrop that you will never get tired of.

Neutral Colours - Interior Design Trend 2021


Natural Light  

As we have all spent the majority of our time at home this past year, having access to natural light has been so important and crucial to our well being. Bringing in natural light is probably our most favourite interior design trend of 2021, as it focuses on bringing as much natural light as possible into ours homes, even during the winter months. Letting the sun shine in also allows us to get our Vitamin D in, and support our mental health! Hang some blinds or sheer curtains, or simply keep your windows bare, to invite in the sunlight. 

Natural Light - Interior Design Trend 2021


Multipurpose spaces

Multi-functional spaces have become so important this past year to accommodate working and learning from home. Our homes became much more than evenings together after a long day of work and are one of the must-have looks for 2021. Due to COVID-19, we have had to reimagine our household and maximize our living space. The house suddenly became the workplace, school, gym, yoga studio, and more. Perhaps no other room got more use than the living room this year.

Throughout 2021 many people will continue to design their homes into multipurpose spaces. Since we have been in lockdown for over a year, people are prioritizing convenience and comfort over appearance. You can take cues from minimalism for multipurpose spaces such as a small work table that pulls down from a wall, a storage that hides office supplies, a dining table that folds into a desk, etc. These ideas can help ease the strain of using a single room for different purposes. A lot of modern furniture these days can be folded into compact shapes when you aren’t using them and can easily slip away underneath a bed or behind a couch. 

Multipurpose Space - Interior Design Trend 2021