We all know those people who claim that their furry friends are soooo much better than human children. Depending on the day, I’m probably one of them. I’ve always had a serious soft spot in my heart for my four-legged bestie. But as you get ready to sell, you of course need to take into account whatever animals are in your home, because well, let’s be honest it’s their home too and not everyone will love your pets as much as you do.

Staging your home may have gotten a tad more complicated but we’re here with tips to make it easier on everyone.


Whenever possible take your pets with you or ask a friend or family member to take care of them. If it is an open-house and you’re at work, consider boarding them. Everyone will be a bit more comfortable knowing your pets are safe.

If you can’t board your pets somewhere, definitely do everything you can to secure them in an area that won’t obstruct viewing the property for possible buyers. Buyers want to see every room and closet in the house, so the best spot is in a kennel in the backyard.

Whatever you choose, ensure you’ve informed your realtor so they can pass along any important information—like, “Snowball is in her cage upstairs in the corner of the Master Bedroom”. This will put both you and potential buyers at ease during viewingsyou’ll know your pets are safe, sound and not trying to escape!


Most people, even the ones who don’t own pets, love them. But, when it’s not your pet you tend to be a bit desensitized which makes it much easier to be put off by a foul smell or a floor littered in hair.

Make sure you clean, clean, clean and clean some more. This goes for staging your home period—but with pets you really need to take it to a new level.


Let’s start with the easy stuff: clean out any cages or litter boxes daily, but especially before you have an open house or viewings. Even better, if the pets aren’t in the home for the afternoon, clean the cages and either put them away or outside. If the cage has fabrics like a dog bed or blankets, wash them too! If you’ve got kids coax them into cleaning the cage daily by turning it into a game or adding a few bucks to their allowance. That extra $5 will be very well spent!


Depending on what type of pet you own, you’re going to want to clean carpets, couches and fabrics. Consider getting carpet and furniture professionally cleaned, or spend some serious time doing this yourself properly. If you have a furry animal running around you’re going to want to vacuum daily when showing your property.


Hide imperfections like scratches or tears, especially on items that they aren’t even buying — like your old couch that you let your cat put her claws into. Buyers want to know you took care of the place and hiding these minor imperfections will make the whole picture seem more put together.


Last step when cleaning is to FEBREEZE EVERYTHING!!! Where it’s not possible to wash – Febreeze. Get rid of all of the lingering smells and open all of your windows and blinds.

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