Thanks for eliminating all the headaches from seemingly daunting financial decisions!

Thanks for eliminating all the headaches from seemingly daunting financial decisions!

Check out our Case Study or Client Returns to see the success rate for yourself.

google reviews rating

Check out our Case Study or Client Returns to see the success rate for yourself.

google reviews rating

“Pierre and Rebecca are very knowledgeable and always willing take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you are comfortable. Thank you for all your help. Looking forward to working with you again!”

Myrna Hanounik, Investor

“Rebecca and Pierre were fantastic in assisting us buying a condo in Toronto. Always pleasant and professional, has an excellent grasp of the marketplace. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking in the GTA. Great advice led to a sale on our first attempt avoiding any bidding ward and getting us our first choice at a competitive but fair price.”

Joe D’Annunzio, Buyer

“This time around to find an agent to sell our condo my wife and I decided not to go with friends and family recommendations but to interview 3 based on connections and research within the area and pick the one we liked best. The choice to go with Pierre wasn’t because of just liking him best it’s because he was the best. In your first meeting with Pierre his passion for what he does is clearly identified. Very on point, very knowledgeable, and detailed oriented. I think what takes Pierre to the next level is his team. One of the most important things in real estate is communication. Between Pierre and his team I don’t think I’ve hit 2hrs in between responses. Just over the top exceptional service. Between prepping our condo for staging, and selling our condo. A young family with 2 kids under the age of 4 they made that experience seamless. ~ Hiring movers – to clear our stuff for staging ~ Booking elevators in the condo ~ Staging our unit ~ Cleaning the unit ~ Sending out a professional organizer to help clear the unit. In real estate every agent demands 5% but not all offer 5% service. Pierre and his team are worth all 5% backed by the 5 star service they provide.”

Sherrard Ward, Seller

“I worked with Rebecca to find my first tenancy in downtown Toronto. Her candor made it incredibly easy to find the greatest value within my budget. Additionally, Rebecca’s patience shone just as much as my indecisiveness. I would recommend Rebecca and Pierre Carapetian Group to anyone in need of Realtor Services.”

Nate St. Germain, Renter

“My husband and I have worked with Pierre for multiple real estate transactions buying and selling for many years now. Pierre is like no other realtor we have worked with in the past – he is tremendously knowledgeable, professional, intelligent, responsive and overall excellent. He is able to pick up on subtleties of exactly what you are looking for and thus tailor your search accordingly to help you find your perfect match every time. He also ensures that what you are buying will guarantee an excellent return on investment in the future. He looks out for your overall goals and investment portfolio. We are glad to have been introduced to him years ago through a mutual acquaintance and always speak highly of him to our friends, many of whom have now also become Pierre’s clients!”

Alyssa Wong
Buyer | Seller | Investor

“I met Pierre initially in the fall of 2018 and am currently in process of a first pre-construction investment that should be completed by early 2020. My decision to work with Pierre after meeting him was based on the fact that I sensed I would not be subject to constant and pressured efforts to make investments, and also that Pierre seemed to focus simply on the investment metrics with analysis to support these. Both have proven true. Pierre will present and can discuss opportunities, but there is no undercurrent of expectation to purchase. Pierre is always measured and calm and responsive. His supporting team have also proven to be first class and always willing and able to assist as requested. His referrals to other sources such as a lawyer have also been excellent. If you are considering investment in condominium and pre-construction real estate I recommend you call and discuss with Pierre.”

Douglas Deighton, Investor

“Pierre’s honesty and attention to details are why I continue to value him as my realtor. He is knowledgeable, hardworking and customizes his services to meet my personal needs and situation. Information is clear and straightforward which is very helpful for decision making during the real estate transaction process. Buying and selling with Pierre as my realtor is stress free!”

Marcia Pate
Buyer | Seller | Investor

“Simply put… Pierre is phenomenal. I have purchased 4 properties with Pierres’ guidance and his approach is one of an investment banker or personal finance manager. He provides both the short and long term holistic financial prospective so that your real estate investments not only provide homes you love but most importantly build your financial assets. Thanks for eliminating all the headaches from seemingly daunting financial decisions!”

Gabriel Verkade

Gabriel Verkade
Buyer | Seller | Investor

“Working with Pierre and his team was a fantastic experience. They went the extra mile every step of the way and helped us find, and buy, a home that met every request we had. Rebecca, in particular, was very patient, helpful and friendly! I would definitely use the Pierre Carapetian Group again and strongly recommend him to anyone who was looking!”

Lewis Bold Wark, Buyer

“We could not be happier with the excellent work provided by the Pierre Carapetian Group and especially Rebecca Dunlop, who acted as our realtor. Rebecca is a skilled realtor who listened, asked all the right questions and was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Sid Gray, Buyer

“Pierre is a pleasure to work with. He is VERY informed about the Toronto condo market with deep knowledge ranging from reserve fund stability to future zoning activity. Anyone can search a website but only someone with Pierre’s knowledge can help you make a wise investment. Not only is he informative, but he is also very patient and I felt as though we were a team during the entire process.”

Kevin Callahan, Investor

“I was looking for a trustworthy realtor who was very knowledgeable about the housing industry. Pierre is always able to answer my questions with confidence. He made me feel comfortable and secure with all of my real estate decisions and purchases. He surpassed all my expectations! I tell everyone in school that everything I had is because of you… everyone is always like ‘how did you get here?’ Call my friend Pierre!” –Check out Tony’s Case Study.

Tony Volpe

Tony Volpe, Investor

“We just sold our condo with Pierre and couldn’t be more thrilled with the sale! Pierre and his team were extremely knowledgeable and staged our entire 1100sqft condo for no extra cost (and it looked fabulous) selling in less than one week and for 25% more than another unit the week before. I would definitely recommend Pierre to our friends.”

Debbie & Brian Rhodes, Sellers | Investors

“Instead of us just saying ‘well we are looking for this’ and sent us a bunch of listings in our price range he took us out and showed us the places he felt we would be interested in. He found us a place that was completely off the map as far as MLS listings go. We got an incredible deal and made a friend for life. Anytime anyone mentions buying a place in Toronto I always say ‘contact Pierre’. It’s not because I get something out of it, it’s because they will get something out of it, an amazing experience!”

Emily Bos, Buyer

“Such a dedicated team, always quick with responses to any complex and simple silly questions. Was great in educating us on various options and never felt forced or pressure. Also very goal oriented, felt like we were always made a priority. Not afraid to put in long days (even after 20+ viewings in a day). Would absolutely recommend!”

Emma Jing, Buyer

“My partner and I were referred to Pierre through mutual friends that had purchased multiple properties from him in the past. They spoke very highly of his work ethic, professionalism, and most importantly, flexibility with what we were interested in. On the first day of meeting with Pierre, it was obvious that he was the best in the business! He exceeded all our expectations and delivered on all that he promised.

The biggest surprise was his ability to show us 5-10 quality properties that satisfied all the requirements we set out. What truly sets Pierre apart from the rest is his knowledge of the intricacies of Toronto real estate. We now have 2 properties with him and have referred multiple family and friends to his team, all of whom were impressed with what he had to offer.”

Kyle Wong, Buyer

“Pierre is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable and energetic. He is also well connected! So far, Pierre has done an excellent job finding good opportunities for me. He is helping me put together a very good portfolio of investment properties. Equally important, Pierre has found quality tenants for my properties too.

Pierre has gone the extra mile for me on more than one occasion. He has helped me avoid extra trips downtown by acting on my behalf for things like colour and finish selections. I highly recommend Pierre to those considering him, and I will continue to work with him going forward too.”

Brian Mandelker, Investor

“We continue to be impressed by Pierre’s ongoing service. He is always making us aware of lucrative opportunities in the marketplace that might be right for us. His approach mirrors that of an investment portfolio manager, ensuring that we assess both the short and long term potential of all our real estate investments to make well-informed decisions.”


Adam & Gabe, Investors

“I have had the opportunity to work with numerous real estate agents and am delighted now to be working with Pierre. I find Pierre has an excellent business perspective and offers strategic purchasing insight and real value. I can safely say he is the most responsive agent I have ever dealt with. He is concise, decisive, and maintains a clarity in thinking that does not get muddled with emotion.”

John Wieser, Buyer | Investor

“We worked with Rebecca who did a superb job in helping us prepare our home for sale including the staging which made the house really stand out. Rebecca was very active holding open houses and following up with those who attended so that we sold our house in just a couple of weeks at a time that the marker was still quite slow. Rebecca was enthusiastic and easy to work throughout the entire process.” -Read the review on Facebook


Rick Csiernik, Seller

“We were monitoring and researching the real estate investment opportunities in Toronto on our own for years, but Pierre was able to make sense of the market, prevent us from making the wrong decision, and force us to wait for the ideal investment opportunity that was right for us.”

Corby & Roselyn Fine, Investors

“Just a few words to tell you of our appreciation for the hard work, professionalism and commitment that Pierre has demonstrated over the many years that we have worked with him – since 2006. Pierre has been invaluable in helping us both buy and sell our home multiple times. What is unique about Pierre is that he has a vested interest in building a long term relationship with you, ensuring that you are making the right decision based on the reasons why you want to buy real estate – is it going to be your home? An investment? – and goes out of his way to make sure you are clear about what you want and why you want it. Of course, Pierre delivers on all the other skills and services that you expect from a best in class real estate agent and we would highly recommend his services.”


Nazmin & Vic Gupta
Buyers | Sellers | Investors

“Pierre’s dedication to helping me find my dream home was exceptional and unlike any of the experiences I’ve had in the past. His strong knowledge of the real estate market along with his objective and transparent perspective made the process easy and fun! I already look forward to working with Pierre again and can’t thank him enough for the wonderful experience!”

Dr. Doreh Behzadpoor B.Sc., D.D.S, Buyer

“Pierre is the consummate professional who worked overtime to help me find my first dream home. He always responded to my calls within 15 minutes and made the process simple and easy to understand. He also provided honest advice and feedback so that the home I bought would be one that would bring in an ROI. I can’t wait to work with him again!” -Read the review on Facebook


Sharif Mahdy, Buyer

“Pierre’s makes himself available and reachable to his clients at all time. He has a wealth of knowledge about every part of the real estate market and is only a phone call or email away.

Pierre’s in depth knowledge and experience in the Toronto condo market allowed me to really take his lead when it came to competitive offers as well as listing prices. He was instrumental in helping me decide on the amount of my offer in order to secure the property I wanted, while still paying fair market value.

Pierre and his team are extremely efficient and worked very quickly in time-sensitive situations to make the process seamless and convenient for me.”

Diana Carrelli
Buyer | Seller | Investor

“Pierre is truly amazing and very knowledgeable about the Real Estate Market. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, and we had five offers to choose from. He surpassed our expectations and handled the inspection, the communication between our tenants through all the stages of listing and selling the property. The marketing of this property was the best I have experienced up to date compared to our previous transactions with other realtors. We definitely will deal with Pierre again, he has a great team!”

Giovanni Damiano, Seller | Investor

“Pierre was an incredible ally to have on our side during our first time home buying experience. He has an expert understanding of the market, neighbourhoods and city planning that made us feel confident in our purchase – most importantly he brought a customer first approach to our engagement. As a partner we’re excited to continue to work with him for future real estate opportunities.”

Mike Joffe, Buyer

“We instantly took a liking to Pierre and his team, they are knowledgeable and informative. Not only did he take the time to go over all our questions, he took us round the local community and went over in great detail the upcoming investment in infrastructure in the area. We would absolutely recommend him and his team to new and seasoned real estate investors alike.” -Read the review on Facebook

carla tulli

Carla Tulli, Investor

“Pierre and his team are an absolute dream to deal with. The customer service and professionalism you receive are top notch. Thanks again for finding me my dream condo in this crazy market.”

Lisa St. John, Buyer | Investor

“We’ve worked with Pierre for the last 10 years building an investment portfolio of rental properties. We love working with Pierre because he presents opportunities to us based on fact, numbers and logic. Not on emotion or aspiration. These are business decisions. Best part is that these opportunities have proven themselves, hence why we recommend Pierre to our friends, plus we love his personality!”


Matt & Addie, Investors

“Pierre’s knowledge, professionalism and passion for real estate make him my sole source for all my real estate needs. He is a leader in the industry and it is always a pleasure working with him.” – Read the review on Facebook.

Nikki Mckelvey, Buyer

“We were very lucky to have Sabrina as our rental listing agent. She worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure our property was listed on time while my husband and I were relaxing on vacation. She presented high quality tenants who fit the criteria we were seeking. Sabrina did a fabulous job screening tenants so we had all the information we needed to make a decision on which tenants we wanted for our space.
What set Sabrina apart from any other agent we know, is her ability to negotiate. Her personable yet persuasive approach to negotiating is impressive and extremely valuable in an agent representing me and my property. For this reason alone, I will ensure Sabrina is on our side, every time!”

Syra A. Jan, Buyer | Investor

“Pierre has been working with Sara and I for a number of years on the purchasing of four condos and a home which we just sold. Even when we were not in the market Pierre would send us market conditions on homes at least three times a year. It was just natural that we would select Pierre to help us sell and buy a new place.

We were never rushed into selling and he made it easy by listening to us on the approach we wanted to use on the selling and was not afraid to say that our ideas would not work. Pierre always answered our phone calls within 15 minutes or had his assistant say he would get back to us.

He knew we were very nervous about the open house with people coming into our home and he made sure that he had extra staff in our home on the top floors the day of to ease our concerns. He created a book with outstanding pictures and understood all the features the home had and the quality of the materials in our home.

The purchasing of the new condo took time and even when we made up our decision he would still take us out to see other units before the final signing. He listened to our concerns and would not waste our time if it did not have all the features we required. It is not often a person can say they have the perfect home but he delivered with 5 stars.

Pierre is not a fly by agent but a person who really cares for the happiness of the client and is looking at a long term relationship with the people he works for. Every member of our family has used Pierre with confidence and this says a lot for the professionalism that he provides. Never rushed, always there for you and gives the personal attention you need in a stressful transaction.”

Kevin & Sara
Buyers | Sellers | Investors

“I first met Pierre in 2008 after I had sold my home in the suburbs and was looking to invest in a condo in the city. His passion and excitement for real estate were what first impressed me, but it didn’t stop there. His knowledge of everything; from up-and-coming neighbourhoods, to quality builders and finishes, and reliable financial and legal services was extremely impressive. He took all of the stress out of the purchase by being constantly available to answer all of my questions and concerns.

I moved away from Toronto prior to closing and he offered to perform my pre-closing inspection and he was the only person I would consider to help in finding reliable tenants for me, which he has since done again a second time. Being an out-of-town landlord isn’t easy, and I have relied on Pierre for advice and guidance several times. Again, he has always been available to help whenever I needed him.

Most recently, Pierre has coached me through the process of using the equity in my first condo to purchase another unit. With the value of real estate in Toronto being what it is, I know that I never would have been able to turn the profit from my small suburban home into what I have now without his guidance. I am grateful to Pierre for helping me build what will now be a comfortable retirement. I have and would recommend Pierre for any and all real estate needs. His passion is contagious!”

Jennifer Bell, Investor

“I worked with Rebecca and her team on multiple occasions. She is a knowledgeable realtor with a vast knowledge in Toronto real estate. She went above and beyond my expectations and demonstrated a high degree of perseverance to find properties that I was interested in. One of her best qualities is that you can rely on her objective and expert opinion. As someone who works in an advisory capacity, I can say that I could rely on her as a trustworthy advisor. After all the fact that she has been always accommodating to my crazy schedule made the process of purchasing a place much easier for me. I know that I will call her up in future for any other purchases.”

Nader Noroozi, Buyer

“Best real estate agent I’ve ever had. Got me top dollar on the sale of my place and negotiated an awesome price on my new home (just purchased).”

Bob Cornwall, Buyer | Seller

“Had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on my home purchase. She was thorough, quick and professional with all correspondence and was able to get me the home I wanted! Won’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Jason Clark, Buyer

“Sabrina was incredibly helpful in my hunt to look for a place. She took out time to understand my needs and was able to show me properties according to my checklists. She not only stopped at what I voiced but she also anticipated my needs. Sabrina helped me walk through the anxieties any first time home buyer has in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend to use Sabrina as your real estate agent, She is not only a wonderful and professional person but is also a hard negotiator. When putting in your offer you definitely want her in your corner. Thank you very much Sabrina to walk me through my first home!! I couldn’t thank you enough.”

Nakul Gupta, Buyer

“As a new buyer, I was very anxious about the entire process and requirements for purchasing a home. Pierre walked me through every step in the process with ease and assurance. With his help, I happily purchased my first condo. Today, whenever I have any questions from decorating tips or current market conditions to financing, Pierre responds immediately with expert knowledge and recommendations. Working with Pierre is like working with one of your best friends – I always feel like he has my best interests at heart and is always there when you need him.”

Carole Chow, Buyer