Finding the ideal dog to live with you in your apartment while still being a courteous neighbor may be a difficult task at times. A dog’s breed may be influenced by several circumstances, such as the age of your neighbors and the size and location of your apartment. You may feel discouraged, but don’t give up! Because there are so many different kinds of dogs, you have a ton of options and maybe even a few you hadn’t considered before. Even better, no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, you’ll be able to find a dog that fits your needs while still being able to live happily in your apartment. The following is a list that has something for everyone in mind.

–       Bichon Frise

Bichon frise

Known as one of the world’s most lovable and charming breeds of dog, the bichon frise is an excellent apartment dog. They’re great at agility, but they’re also content to lounge on the sofa for hours at a time. And they’re not going to put your downstairs neighbors on edge, either!

–       Greyhound


It’s understandable that the fastest dog in the world would make a list of the greatest apartment dogs. Greyhounds, on the other hand, have two modes of operation: sprinting and sleeping. So, even if they’re going to make your weekends and nights livelier, everything in your city apartment should still be OK!

–       Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Owners of Cavaliers will tell you that their adorable small dogs are wonderful companions for the whole family. Because of their small size, Cavaliers are an excellent choice for a small apartment. Dogs like this are highly bright and tremendously devoted, yet they’re tiny enough to fit into even the tiniest of studios.

–       Bulldog


Bulldogs, despite their gruff demeanor and large stature, are excellent apartment dogs because of their laid-back disposition and willingness to lounge on the sofa with their owners. Two things to keep in mind, however: Your neighbors will know your bulldogs are present if they aren’t taught to keep their barking to a minimum in hot weather.

–       Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are known as “the American Gentlemen” because of their tuxedo coat and large, black eyes.  Having a dog that is the perfect size and temperament for an apartment is essential. Small enough to receive most of their activity indoors without disturbing your downstairs neighbors, Boston terriers are known for their friendliness and love of people.

–       Italian greyhound

Italian Greyhound

The Italian greyhound is a smaller, lighter, and even quieter version of the greyhound breed, with many of the qualities that people like about the breed. The Italian greyhound, weighing in around 10 pounds, isn’t as sluggish as a racing greyhound but is still considered one of the “best apartment dogs” due of their small size and low noise level.

–       Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are dependable and loyal friends, and they make excellent apartment dogs because of their high activity needs. Your basset hound will be happy and healthy if he gets one nice walk a day and spends the rest of the day napping on a dog bed or playing on the living room rug. Their tendency to drool and their LARGE voices are two things to take into account.

–       Chihuahua


There is no doubt in my mind that even in the most cramped downtown studio, you can accommodate a Chihuahua! As a result of their little stature, they have minimal workout requirements that can’t be satisfied sitting on your living room sofa. If they’re not properly taught, they may be yippy, but they’re a great fit for apartment life.

–       Tulear Coton

tulear coton

The Coton is a great apartment dog for seniors, persons with mobility challenges, and those who work from home since it is a true companion dog. It’s never a problem for these lovable dogs to bark, they shed very little, and they travel nicely if you need to stay away for a bit.

–       Basenji


Is there anybody you’d want to share an apartment with? An apartment dog that doesn’t bark is hard to come by. Even though it’s often assumed they’re a totally quiet breed, basenjis are not. They don’t bark; instead, they make an unusual grunt that sounds like a cross between a chortle and a yodel. In terms of size, they weigh less than 25 pounds, shed very little, and have been compared to cats. Even yet, basenjis may be challenging to train and have a very high level of energy, which means they’ll be best suited for patient owners who have nearby dog parks or jogging trails.

–       Cane Corsos

Cane Corsos

French bulldogs, which have the appearance of being specifically bred for apartment life, have long been popular among city people. Because of their tiny size, low shedder status, and lack of excessive barking, these dogs are suitable for apartment living. Taking a quick stroll should suffice as a kind of physical activity for them as an extra benefit. In their spare time, these adorable pups love to curl up on your lap or rest in a cozy spot on the rug in your living room.

Final words

When someone says, “the best apartment dog,” they’re referring to a variety of things. A dog that is able to thrive in a smaller setting may be all that matters to some people. When it comes to dogs, some people choose one that can go out with them on the weekends and not feel confined or sad during the working day. Now you are aware about the best dogs that you can welcome to the apartment. Go ahead and get one of these dog breeds based on your preferences. Then spending time at the apartment will never be a struggle for you, as you live with a dog that you love.


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