Incorporating plants into your condo’s design is more than just decorative, plants have many health benefits. Many of us native city-dwellers are daunted by the responsibility of caring for plants so we opt for fake plants or no plants at all. Whether you’re a complete plant novice, live in a low-light Toronto condo or even a basement apartment, check out our list of low-maintenance plants that will help spruce up your home.



ZZ plant

We start with the ZZ plant to save time for those looking for the hardest plant to kill. They really don’t want any fuss and are super low maintenance. Not only does it thrive in low light, but you only need to water it about once a month.

In fact, direct sunlight does more harm than good so if you live in a basement apartment with minimal light, the ZZ plant may be the plant for you. Buy yourself a ZZ plant, a nice decorative pot and find the perfect corner of your apartment and you’ll be thrilled with how quickly this new green friend brightens up your place.



Snake plant

Snake plants, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, are a great indoor plant. Ideal for forgetful waterers, snake plants will survive even if you’re neglectful.


They grow tall and strong, so if you’ve got a dim corner that needs some life, snake plants prefer indirect sunlight. While they do help to purify the air in your apartment, you may want to put them on a short stool as they can upset your dog or cat’s stomach if they decide to take a bite.



chinese evergreen


Chinese evergreens are as beautiful as they are durable. These tropical houseplants can tolerate low light, dry air, and minimal watering. They’re also highly effective air purifiers and even made it to NASA’s list of air filtering houseplants.

Younger Chinese evergreen’s have two-tone green leaves but as they get older they will begin to flower. The only thing to be mindful of is keeping your Chinese evergreen away from any drafts as the cooler temperature could cause the leaves to brown.




spider plant


The spider plant is probably one of the more popular houseplants in Toronto. They’re easy to maintain, can grow rather abundantly and are great air purifiers.


They, too, fit the low light category of plants but also thrive in bright and sunny conditions. The reason they make great apartment plants is because they’re very adaptable. They don’t require very frequent watering, typically twice a month. If the soil is dry, you know it’s time to water it.


Spider plants are great for macrame hangers. (So trendy right now) If you choose to hang your spider plant, it may be best to sit the plant in the sink with an inch of water to let it absorb on its own. This helps to avoid any overflow if you’re watering from below.



peace lily
Image: ProFlowers proflowers.com


These beautiful dark green leaves boast white flowers, similar to those of calla lilies. They are great floor plants as they can grow to be up to four feet tall and will bloom several times throughout the year.


Just because it has a flower doesn’t mean it’s harder to keep alive. They, too, can survive in low light and only need to be watered when the soil gets dry. If you choose to display your peace lily in a low light area, it may bloom less frequently, but rest assured that’s not a sign of poor health.


Peace lilies are also on the top of the list for great purifying the air in your Toronto condo. Not only do they filter out harmful toxins in the air but they also add moisture to an overly dry room.



succulents & cacti

Our last two plants are great plants for beginners and have a lot of character. In fact, cacti are simply a sub-category of the succulent family, meaning they store their water in their roots, leaves and stems.


Cacti and succulents take up minimal space, come in a plethora of shapes and textures, and require very minimal maintenance. They do, however, prefer bright windows but require minimal watering. You can water succulents and cacti once a month and they’ll be just fine. You really don’t want to water them more frequently than that.


This type of plant is great in a wide shallow pot with a variety of types mixed together. Not only are they great for your condo but because they don’t take up much space, are a great addition to your desk or home office.


Looking to buy plants for your Toronto condo? Luckily, our city is filled with markets and shops that sell a variety of plants year-round. For those that specialize in plants and have the decorative gear to accompany them, here are some indoor plant shops around Toronto to help get you started:


Stamen and Pistill Botanicals in Dundas West Crown Flora in Queen West Sweetpea’s in Roncesvalles Ecostems in Corktown Succuterra in Leslieville


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