Repairs, private showings, negotiations, and more – from listing to closing, there are a lot of steps in the home selling process. Let our article serve as your Toronto home Seller’s guide when you list your home! We know selling your home in Toronto can sound stressful and time-consuming but when you work with an experienced Real Estate agent, they should assist you with all your Real Estate related needs from the beginning to successful closure.

Here are the 6 main steps that serve as a general guide when you are selling your home in Toronto.

Find a Good Realtor 

When selling a home, we always suggest working with a  Real Estate agent, rather than doing For Sale By Owner (FSBO). The Toronto Real Estate market is often competitive and your Realtor can help guide you through the process and provide you with valuable expertise. Selling your home in Toronto can be demanding and partnering with a great Real Estate agent will give you that competitive advantage in the Toronto market. Finding the right Real Estate agent, especially one that has proven success in your area, is crucial and can help you when dealing with such a large decision like selling your home.

When working with us our goal is to help you get the most amount of money for your property and provide a smooth, stress-free transaction. When you work with us we can offer guidance on pricing and knowledge of the current market to help sell your home in a timely manner. I personally bought my first property at the age of 18 and have facilitated over $500 million in Real Estate transactions since. I know that no two properties are the same and neither is their pricing or strategy. If you are looking to sell your Toronto condo or home, rest assured you’ll be getting the best value for your property when you work with us.

Get Your House Ready to Sell

Getting your home prepped and ready to sell can be the most time-consuming part of the home selling process. Tending to any repairs or upgrades that need to be done before you list your home can help the chances of it selling quickly and for more money.

Staging your home can also work wonders. Imagine yourself as a potential Buyer. When you are scrolling through several home listings on MLS or online, the ones that are staged and have professional images will be the ones that you will be most likely interested in doing an in-person viewing for. A professionally staged home is a great way to attract interest in Buyers when they see your listing on MLS or online. The photos of a listing can also make or break it; as they are often the deciding factor on whether to see a listing in person or not. Furthermore, when the Buyer goes to see the home in person, the arranged decor and furniture will allow the potential Buyer to create an emotional connection.

When you list your property with us, we offer complimentary home staging and will help take care of all the details that may go unnoticed. We make sure any repairs that need to be done are fixed and working their best. Whether it’s a light bulb that needs changing or windows that need a deep clean, we work on any touch-ups needed and even go in to add a fresh coat of paint. We have a huge inventory of furniture that will help transform your space and offer potential Buyers a place that they can envision themselves in. When you work with our team, we take care of everything from start to finish to make sure that your listing is ready for prospective Buyers eyes. We have a full in-house team from contractors to designers to help prepare your home to look its best.

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List Your Home

When listing your home, there are two things to consider: what is your home worth and when you should list. We will help you determine the proper listing price and strategy so you can get top dollar without overpricing your property. It is also important to consider and understand the current market you are selling in and to time your home sale just right. The state of the Toronto Real Estate market in your particular neighborhood is a huge factor in how quickly your property will sell and at what price.

Once you’ve listed your home, it’s time for your Real Estate agent to market it. For Sale signs, email marketing, online marketing, and even print marketing are just some of the methods that your Real Estate agent will use to make potential Buyers fall in love with your home.

We are one of the only Toronto Real Estate Brokerages with an in-house marketing team. We use the best strategy to help maximize the value of your property. With a strong online presence, we receive over 40,000 impressions a month on our social media. Over the years I have also developed a large personal network of clients within Toronto we can connect Sellers to.

A Real Estate agent’s job is to market your home to its maximum potential and they should be able to market your property effectively so that it pulls in the right Buyers to get you top dollar.

Schedule an Open House or Private Showings

Due to COVID-19, all open houses are being held virtually or by appointment only. Generally the better condition your home is in, the more offers you will receive and the easier it is to justify the price. Ensure your home is ready for showings by making it look clean, spacious, and ready for new owners.

During open houses, typically the Seller is not present. It can be distracting to the potential Buyer to have to walk around the owner during a showing. Most people consider temporarily moving out of their home while it is listed for sale. In a hot market, your home may get several showings every day and it can quickly become intolerable. However, if you are staying in the home while it is listed, cleanliness matters! Wash those dishes, make the bed and keep the spaces decluttered so that your property is always seen in the best light.

Negotiate and Accept an Offer

Selling your home in Toronto can often end in multiple offer situations. The Real Estate agent you work with should talk you through what to expect come offer time. They should help guide you through the entire process and give you educated expertise and advice. You can work with your Realtor on how much you are willing to negotiate.

I am extremely experienced in handling multiple offer situations as they are over 90% of the deals I have facilitated over the years. Having someone on your side with the experience to get top dollar for your home is crucial.


There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed correctly once an offer is accepted. Not knowing what your doing can sometimes be overwhelming, stressful and can hurt you in the long run. Hiring a Real Estate lawyer is imperative as they will ensure that everything is completed correctly. When you work with us we can help ensure the process is completed in a timely manner and avoid many risks that may happen along the way. With these 6 simple steps to selling your home in Toronto, you can be confident in selling your home.

Selling your home should not be a hassle. That’s why we take on all the responsibilities and work hard to provide a successful transaction for you. If you are interested in selling your home download our free Seller’s guide and book a call with us today.


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