There is a lot of work that goes into getting your home ready to list and bring to market. Your home must be in the best possible condition to get the best price. If you aren’t ready to sell your home then you shouldn’t rush the process. The best time of year to sell your home is whenever you are ready to sell. That being said, Spring and Fall are often considered the more popular times to sell a house in Toronto, although each season still brings its advantages and disadvantages.

In Toronto, typically Summer can be slow because families are on vacations and away from their homes. Things tend to slow down over the Winter months and holidays to pick back up again in February. If you don’t sell within that time frame, you would usually go off the market and get ready to list at a busier time of year.

Having a great Real Estate agent who can coordinate the whole process is critical. You should ensure that there is enough time to prepare your home to sell and maximize its value. When you work with us we take care of everything needed to ensure that your home sells for the highest value possible. From the moment we walk in, we have a team of experts who will provide you with all the services needed. We put together a work-back schedule that will highlight everything that needs to be done to your home. We take care of all of the headaches and hassle when preparing your home to sell. When preparing to sell your home we want to provide a seamless experience and transaction for our clients.

Selling your house in the Spring

Real Estate is at its peak during the Spring and Fall seasons. With this increased demand, Sellers receive more offers. Due to the heightened amount of competition, these offers roll in faster and houses often end up selling for more money with multiple offers. This makes Spring and Fall the best time of the year to sell your home.

In the Spring, the days are longer and the weather helps get people outside and looking at homes. Many families like to buy in the Spring so they move during the Summer which doesn’t disrupt their children’s school year. With so many people wanting to buy during the Spring, it can be a great time for you to put your home on the market if you are ready to sell.

Spring is desirable for many Sellers as it is a great time to showcase your home’s best features. Some Buyers want the transaction to be completed before the Summer months so they can enjoy the Summer in their new home. It’s important to remember that since it is the busiest time of the year, you will face more competition, increasing the importance of making sure your home looks its best. That includes working with the right Real Estate partner.  Understanding the seasonal trends in Real Estate and your local market is a crucial first step in determining the best time to sell your home.

Landscaping is expensive and can help feature your home in the best possible light. Making it look beautiful will draw huge value to Buyers and maximize your home value. Spring is a perfect time to highlight those outdoor features of your home and attract Buyers to your property.

Selling your house in the Fall 

The Fall market between September to the end of November is known to be a good time to sell. You will have the warmer Summer months to make changes and/or renovations to add value to your curb appeal.

Many people want to have everything settled before the end of the year and the holidays, meaning that they are motivated to make a purchase. Cleaning up the exterior of your home can help its value and make it look more appealing to Buyers. This can include raking leaves and cleaning your gutters.

When you work with us, we have home inspectors and contractors to fix anything that may need to be done prior to being listed on the market. Regardless of the season, your home is your most valuable asset and you need to work with the right Real Estate partner who can showcase your home and bring it to its full potential.

Hiring a great Real Estate partner so they can maximize the value of your home is crucial. Your Real Estate agent will think about who your house is going to appeal to and how you can draw those people to the property based on the way you design it, and position things.  The best time of year to sell your home is when you are ready, and if you’re looking for some guidance please book a call with us.  Our goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience that is hassle and stress-free, while getting you the best value for your home possible. If you are interested in selling your home and would like to know when the best time is to sell, book a call with us today. You can also take advantage of our FREE Sellers guide. 


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