“Allison, a trusted partner for over six years, is an integral part of our business, standing alongside me as a key figure in leadership and partnership.”


Expertise, Innovation, and Leadership

Bringing over six years of dedicated service to the Pierre Carapetian Group and stepping into her seventh, Allison Baumken’s natural flair for leadership and passion for success are evident. As our esteemed Business Development & Operations Director, she stands at the forefront of our team. Allison’s role is pivotal in orchestrating team dynamics and shaping innovative strategies that keep us ahead in the fast-paced world of real estate.

A Symphony of Skills

Allison’s professional life is a dynamic mix of managing our vibrant sales team, crafting compelling listings, and devising innovative digital strategies. Known for her keen ability to anticipate market trends and adapt quickly, she ensures our clients receive top-notch service. Whether it involves intricate negotiations or imaginative marketing campaigns, her methods are always insightful and effective.

Away from work, Allison has a profound affinity for DIY projects. Her downtime often involves a power tool or a paintbrush, as she passionately transforms spaces. Over seven years, she skillfully flipped her last house, leaving no room or closet untouched. This hands-on creativity not only reflects in her personal life but also adds a unique dimension to her professional approach, blending practicality with innovation.

Allison Baumken
Allison Baumken

Driving Success with a Personal Touch

Allison’s standout quality is her dedication to understanding each client’s individual needs, home situation, and how they prefer to communicate. By focusing on these aspects, she ensures a positive and personalized experience for each sale, leading to results that are uniquely tailored to each client’s goals. This client-first approach not only benefits those she works with but also drives the success of the Pierre Carapetian Group, making Allison an integral part of the team.

A Future-Focused Visionary

Under Allison’s guidance, Pierre Carapetian Group has seen remarkable growth and innovation. She’s not just about meeting targets; she’s about setting new benchmarks in the real estate industry. Her vision for the future is not only about expanding the company’s horizons but also about ensuring sustainable and client-focused growth.


Outside of her professional world, Allison cherishes her family time with her husband and their energetic 4-year-old son. While they don’t have any pets of their own, Allison enjoys her role as a doting “dog aunt,” sharing in the joy and fun that her extended furry family brings.

Connect with Allison

She specializes in defining your property’s unique marketing strategy, ensuring it’s styled and staged effectively, and positioning it to stand out in the market. Connect with Allison for a distinct approach in styling, staging, and positioning your property, ensuring it’s not just listed, but memorably presented and strategically marketed.

Allison Baumken