(Updated: August 27, 2019)


Register: Galleria on the Park Condos – Platinum Access, Pricing & Floor Plans for Galleria Mall Condos in Toronto

When the Galleria Mall in Toronto opened its doors in the summer of 1972, it was one of the first covered malls in the city — and it was bustling! The galleria shopping centre became a neighbourhood treasure and while the inside had become a pseudo time capsule, the world outside had changed a lot in the nearly 50 years since it opened.


In present day Toronto, as more people shop from their laptops or smart phones, the Galleria Mall saw a steady decline in numbers. In a city growing in population at a pace where housing can’t quite keep up, it was only a matter of time before the Galleria Mall shops decided it would be closing its doors in favour of redevelopment.


The Galleria Mall Toronto is closing their doors in 2019 as Phase 1, demolishing the western portion of the Galleria Shopping Centre is set to begin.

Galleria Mall Toronto Redevelopment Map
Site Map for the Galleria Mall condo redevelopment (image: Urban Toronto)



ELAD Canada, along with Hariri Pontarini Architects and Urban Strategies Inc., have big plans for the approximately 19 acre site where the Dufferin and Dupont mall still resides.


“The overarching goal of the project” says Urban Strategies Inc., “is to reconnect the site to its surrounding urban fabric while enhancing the suite of public amenities already operating in Wallace Emerson Park.”


An ode to the history of the Galleria Mall Toronto knows and loves, there will be a redesigned retail experience at grade level along new pedestrian focused streetscapes. The master plan is designed with a pedestrian-first approach by adding more community gathering spaces and laneways. The cycling community hasn’t been forgotten. There will be designated bike lanes and bike infrastructure throughout the development.


Small laneways will run from Dupont Street south towards a central roadway that runs diagonally across the site, the north half of which will have retail, office space, and eight residential towers. The south half will be a new and improved Wallace-Emerson Park. The vibrant new park will increase its footprint by 18% to occupy just shy of eight acres of the overall site.


Rendering for Galleria Mall Toronto Point Plaza
Point Plaza (Image: Urban Toronto)

At the centre of the Galleria on the Park redevelopment — dubbed Reimagine Galleria — will be the heart of the community known as Point Plaza. Here, the five points of the different roadways intersect into one central gathering space.


The Galleria on the Park redevelopment will bring new life to the Wallace Emerson Community Centre and will be given precedence in order to avoid disrupting the community at large. The community centre will be relocated from the Dufferin Street edge of Wallace-Emerson Park to the north-west corner, following the north side of the park.


And boy, does she look like a beauty. The new community centre will be 75,000 square feet and provide a child care centre for the community as well as year-round community events.


galleria on the park



At a time when Toronto needs more residential inventory than ever, the Galleria Mall condo plan includes eight residential towers and 2,696 condo units. The towers will vary in height and architectural design. The Galleria Mall condo towers will sit atop podiums ranging from two to ten storeys and climb as high as 18 to 35 storeys at their peak.

There will be 150 residential units designated for affordable housing and to design a community where families can thrive, 50% of the Galleria on the Park Condos will be two bedrooms or larger. Although Galleria Mall condo prices and floor plans have not been released yet you can register for Platinum Access to the Galleria Mall Condo launch here.

Register: Galleria on the Park Condos – Platinum Access, Pricing & Floor Plans for Galleria Mall Condos in Toronto

The exciting redevelopment of Galleria Mall in Toronto will surely benefit from the decades to come. The area of Dufferin and Dupont is among our top Neighbourhoods to Watch in 2019, as we predict a residential boom, in part, thanks to the Galleria Mall redevelopment plans. If you want to ensure you get all of the latest investment opportunities, including access to the pre-construction launch of Galleria on the Park Condos, sign up as an Insider today!