So you’ve just bought a new home in Toronto and you’re anxiously awaiting the day you get the keys to your new digs. During the next few weeks of packing and planning you’ll be able to schedule pre-closing walk-throughs to ensure everything is ready for when you take possession. So when and what should you do on your final walk through before closing?


When you buy a property in Toronto, you’ll typically arrange for two walk throughs before closing in your buyer contract. If you’ve purchased a condo you may only need one but if you’ve purchased a house you may even want to negotiate upwards of three buyer visits ahead of your closing date.

So when should you do your final walk through before closing? We recommend the first walk through be used to give you the “lay of the land” so it can be done at any stage.

What Happens During Your First Walk Through

If you know what you want to do with your new space, this is a good opportunity to take measurements for new furniture and of doorframes or stairwells for moving day. You may also want to bring paint swatch samples to help you decide on potential paint colours.

If you plan on doing any renovations or upgrades, consider bringing along a contractor or other tradespeople. Your buyer visit is typically one hour long so if you plan to bring a contractor, ensure they’ll be able to do what they need within the given time constraints.

What Happens During Your Final Walk Through

If you’re going for two buyers visits it’s best to do your final walk through as close to the closing date as possible. If the property you’ve purchased is vacant you have far less to worry about so the timing shouldn’t be a concern.

The purpose of your very final walk through is to ensure that the property is in good condition and things are in proper working order.

You’ll want to check that all appliances are working as well as any light fixtures. If a light bulb is burnt out, don’t dwell on those small details, but, to ensure the fixture is in fact working, try swapping the bulb with one that you know is working to ensure it’s not a bigger issue.

You’ll also want to look for any major damages that may have been hidden when the sellers were living there or while it was staged. If you’re doing your final walk through within a few days of taking possession, ensure that they have had or plan to have the property professionally cleaned.

[Download] Final Walk Through Before Closing Checklist

It’s worth noting that your lender will also require a separate home appraisal on your new property as part of their lending guidelines but this visit will not count towards one of your buyer visits.


Your final walk throughs will be arranged through your real estate agent and they will accompany you on these buyer visits. If you want to bring a friend or family along or, should you need to, a contractor, just let your agent know who will be tagging along.


If you come across any major repairs or issues, your real estate agent can advise you on the standard protocol depending on the nature of the issue. Hopefully everything is as it should be and when you get the keys your move into your new home is nothing but positive.