Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling a House in Toronto


A Real Estate agent can not only sell your home quickly and make you money, they can also make the selling process stressful for you if you don’t hire the right person. Whether it is your first time selling a home or you have been through the process before, it can be an overwhelming and stressful process. There are several questions you should be asking your Real Estate agent before you hire them to assist with the sale of your home. It is a Real Estate agent’s job to ensure a smooth transaction for you with a positive result. When you hire me to sell your home, my goal is to get you the most amount of money for your property. I will market your home in the smartest way using the strategy best suited for your property in the market you’re currently in. When selling a house in Toronto it is a seller’s market, and hiring a Real Estate agent with years of experience can help you navigate the process of selling.

We have a full-service team of experts who will work behind the scenes to ensure that your listing is seen in its best light. When looking for a Real Estate agent it’s important to consider how much time they have been in the industry and how much they have sold. A Realtor who has sold thousands of homes and been through different sale cycles is going to have a lot of experience and insight that you can’t duplicate. Their experience and ability to negotiate are crucial when selling a house in Toronto.

How much do you think we should list our house for?

When selling a house in Toronto, typically they sell for over the asking price. It is not a one size fits all strategy. It’s important to consider the type of property and what the market is like at that exact time. The market is constantly changing and I have the experience and knowledge to adapt accordingly.

What we might do today will be different than what we might do 6 months from now. Depending on your competitors, what’s recently sold in your area, and how many people you are competing with all come into play when deciding the best strategy for your home to get the highest price. No two properties are identical and neither should their pricing or selling strategy.

What is your track record for selling homes like ours?

I have over 15 years experience of selling homes within the GTA and have facilitated over 500 million dollars in Real Estate transactions. I sell properties ranging from luxury homes, condos, and investments. When you work with us my experience selling every type of different types of Real Estate across Toronto will be your competitive advantage in the market. I’m able to give guidance on each and every step of your transaction so the experience is seamless and stress-free.

What is your communication style like?

When you work with our team we strive to provide an amazing experience. We have many clients who have different needs, so we work differently with each one to ensure the best outcome and a successful transaction. Selling a house in Toronto can be demanding but our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients while we take care of everything from start to finish.

Every client has a different communication style and has different needs. With our team, we work hard to ensure that each client is taken care of and feels special.  Whatever may be your specific requirements, know that when you list with us you get the highest level of service. You’ll also gain access to our amazing network of professionals from contractors and home inspectors to mortgage brokers and lawyers in Toronto. Our team is here to assist you with all of your Real Estate-related needs, from the beginning to a successful closure.

What tactics will you use when selling our home?

Our primary job is to get the most amount of money for your property, and any mishap can cost lots of money. When you hire our team, we have a proven track record for over 15 years of getting top dollar for the homes we sell. I am an expert in pricing, which is a nuanced skill that can help maximize the value of your property. I am constantly entrenched in the market and selling homes with a proven track record of getting top dollar.

When you list your home with us we offer complimentary staging that will help increase the value of your home. Staging will make a substantial difference and can sell your faster and for more money.

We have our own marketing department and prepare our own marketing materials.  We produce everything on our own and have over 20 thousand unique impressions a week on our social media. Every home requires different strategies and tactics, depending on the current market and competition. Strategy and marketing, along with a skilled agent, are key to selling a house in Toronto for top dollar.

We have a team of trusted professionals who cater to every client’s individual needs. It depends on when you are selling and the best thing to do at that given time. Our marketing team will use the best strategy suited for selling a house in Toronto. Your property’s marketing campaign will be analyzed and creatively tailored to ensure it attracts the perfect buyers. If you are interested in selling your property you can download our free Sellers guide and book a call with us today!


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