5 Cheap Pre-Construction Condos Under 600K In Toronto

best pre construction condos in toronto under $600k

Buy low, sell high – I am not dropping any new truth bombs here. You’ve probably heard this statement before. But when it comes to investing in new pre construction condos in Toronto – this mantra takes a whole new meaning.

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I am a real estate professional with over 2 decades of experience under my belt. For years now, investing and pre construction condo sales have been a core component of my clients’ and my own investment portfolios. In this time, I have learned a lot about the new pre construction condo industry in Toronto – from the different phases of pre-construction to how to identify the best deals in the Toronto and GTA real estate market. 

Whether you’re a real estate investor looking to beef up your investment portfolio or a buyer who’s looking for a new home on a budget [yup, since Toronto is so expensive, any property under $600k in Toronto can be considered a ‘budget buy’] – I’ve got you covered. In this blog, I share my 5 favourite pre construction condos in Toronto under $600K. 

If you need any help taking the next step forward, you can always book a free call with me or somebody from my team and we’d happy to guide you through the process. Our motto, “Guidance based on facts, not emotion.” runs through the core of our business. Don’t feel shy to block some time if you’re considering one of the projects shared below – or any project in the GTA for that matter – we promise to offer no B.S. advice and only recommend investments we’d put our own money in.

6 Cheap Pre-Construction Condos Under 600K In Toronto


Topping the list of the Best Pre-Construction Condos Under $600k in Toronto is 316 Junction Condos. This is my personal pick for the Best West End Pre-Construction condo whether you’re looking at pre-construction under 600K or larger suites at $1M. It deserves a special shout-out here because I’ve got some BIG savings for you!

I’m a big proponent of sound investments that make sense on a per square foot(PSF) basis specifically when compared to other projects in the neighbourgood. I’m a fan of 316 Junction because it has something to offer for both: real estate investors and first-time home buyers alike – but it’s also at the right PSF for the nieghbourhhood when you include my off-book discount. This one will save you tens of thousands of dollars. But at the request of the builder I can’t share these details publicly. If you’re interested, book a call here to find out more. 

There are only a few units available under $600k  – a price point not available to the public or the average agent – so if you’re interested book a call ASAP as this one won’t last long. 

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The Humber, Weston – Starting @ $560K

the humber weston

Project Address: 10 Wilby Crescent, Toronto, ON

Developers: Options For Homes 
Neighbourhood: Weston

Launch Date: 2018

Completion Date: 2023

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Weston is another booming neighbourhood away from downtown Toronto that’s been receiving a lot attention recently because of its affordability, green spaces and public transport accessibility. It’s also considered a Business Improvement Area which means that you can be fairly confident that there are going to be investments to foster growth in the community! 

In my experience, this is becoming a very artsy neighbourhood that appeals to the new generation of buyers who value green living and are looking for an escape from Toronto’s cosmopolitan life without feeling stranded by staying somewhere completely off-beat!

If you relate to that, I feel you’ll love what The Humber has to offer. The developers have had the foresight to incorporate a number of planet-saving green features. It also has all the usual amenities that you find in luxury, premium condominiums in Toronto. While it’s not on a transit line perse – it’s extremely well connected. The Go Station is a 5-minute walk away and you can access the airports or downtown Toronto within 15 minutes via the UP Express! 

Merge Condos, Scarborough – Starting @ $450K

merge condos toronto

Project Address: 2201 Kingston Road,  Toronto, ON

Developers: LCH Developments
Neighbourhood: Kingston Road

Launch Date: 2019

Completion Date: 2023

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Over the last 5 years or so – Kingston Road in Scarborough has seen tremendous growth as a neighbourhood. And if you ask me, I expect it to continue on this growth trajectory. Merge was one of the first in the neighbourhood. With a TON of new projects slated to be built in the neighbourhood over the next 5 or 6 years, you’ll be first-in with some of the lowest pricing not only in the neighbourhood but across the GTA. As the rising population (and prices) in Downtown Toronto continues to push beyond the Downtown Proper, we expect Scarborough with its quick commute to the Core to be one of the next up and coming areas to watch.

Merge Condos is a unique new construction project that appeals to the masses because it has units for everyone – and some of the best lakeviews on the East End. There are budget floor plans and premium floor plans. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of live/work spaces or the allure of 2-storey units and townhomes, this new construction should give you all the opportunity to forge a truly personalized living experience for yourself!

Breathtaking panoramic lake views await you from its idyllic rooftop terrace or perhaps even your balcony! There are only a handful of suites left in this project and pricing and floor plans are available today. Register here for all of the details.

The Dawes, Main & Danforth – Starting @ $580K

the dawes condos main and danforth

Project Address: 10 Dawes Rd, Toronto, ON M4C 5A7

Developers: Marlin Spring
Neighbourhood: Danforth Village

Launch Date: March 2022

Completion Date: 2023

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This is our pick for the best-priced project in the GTA. You can’t beat the price and new incentives ‘nor the location. Condos along the subway line are known to command a premium on the re-sale market and this one is within convenient walking distance of both a TTC Subway Station and a GO Station—a rarity based on my experience in the industry! 

In the world of real estate, location is paramount. Main and Danforth is an up-and-coming neighbourhood that’s primed for profit. I have personally invested in units there and you can also ask our esteemed clients who wisely chose to invest in the highly successful Linx Condos and Danny Danforth projects located in the vicinity!

316 Junction Condos, Junction Triangle- Starting @ $600K

316 junction condos - junction triangle toronto

Project Address: 316 Campbell Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 3V9

Neighbourhood: Junction Triangle, West Toronto

Developers: Marlin Spring

Launch Date: 2023

Completed Date: 2027 (est.)

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As of today, Junction Triangle does not have enough condo inventory to satisfy all the demand. In fact, in the next 5-10 years, there are about 20+ projects slated for development in this neighbourhood. If you listen to me and get your wet early in this neighbourhood, by the time the next few projects launch, you’ll already be profitable! All the clients that I have dealt with love this neighbourhood because it’s convenient, lively and not too inaccessible by public transportation! 

Now that you’re sold on the neighbourhood – let’s look at this particular project: 316 Junction Condos. If you’re analyzing pre-construction investments from a per square foot perspective – trust me, you’re not going to find a project priced better than this in the entire West End of Toronto. 

All you need to do is pick up the phone and book a free call with us right away to learn how you capitalize on this insane offer of ours! 

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Notting Hill Condominiums, Eglinton Avenue West – Starting @ $600K

notting hill condominiums

Project Address: 4000 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON

Developers: Lanterra Developments 
Neighbourhood: Etobicoke

Launch Date: 2022

Completion Date: 2026

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Etobicoke is a very popular neighbourhood on the West End of Toronto because its residents have access to nearly everything – from recreational venues to urban ammenities to great schooling! If you’re planning on buying a house in this neighbourhood, it’s going to cost you slightly more than $1.5 million. But the average price of condos is right around $600,000. However, I think that’s about to change very quickly – within the next 5-6 years! 

There are a couple of reasons why this particular project excites me. Along with Notting Condominiums, this neighbourhood, is primed for development with many new pre construction condos slated for the future. As it gets more developed, I see new launches being more competitively priced than this one. Since the neighbourhood is extremely accessible, filled with colleges & universities – students love it. If you’re a real estate investor with a stake in the neighbourhood – I’m sure you will love it too as you’re never going to be lacking a tenant here. 

All in all – at this pricing – I think this project oozes value. It’s also a great place to stay and it grants you access to all the modern amenities that you find in premium, luxury condominiums! 

Exhale Residences, Lakeshore – Starting @ $500K

exhale residences lakeshore toronto

Project Address: 1381 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga,   ON

Developers: Brixen Developments Inc.
Neighbourhood: Lakeshore

Launch Date: 2023

Est. Completion Date: 2026 

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If you’re not shy of straying away from Toronto – and into downtown Mississauga –  I think this project is definitely worth a second look! It has allure off a premium, luxury condominium with units starting at $500K.  

Exhale Residences is one of the most promising projects that’s being launched this year in Mississuaga. Over the last decade, the city has seen tremendous growth feeding off the growing popularity of Toronto. I like this project for a number of reasons. For starters, I repeat, it’s priced really very well for all that it’s offering its residents. All the utilities that you see in luxury condominiums in Toronto – you will find here. My personal favourite is its proximity to the shoreline. There are many parks en-route and in the vicinity that can be a welcome escape from the mundane city life. Families – take note. Humber College is extremely accessible from here and there are a lot of good schools in the neighbourhood for children of all ages.  

If I had to say one con about this project – if you rely on public transportation, it might not suit you all that well. But apart from that – I see very few warning signs and from me, all green flags from me! 

Final Words 

There you have it. That’s my complete list. I would love to have shared more projects with you but there simply aren’t too many within this price range. I am sure you’ll find something on our new search page though. You can use the filters to narrow-down your search for pre-construction projects that meet all your ‘must-haves’.

New Pre-Construction Condos In Toronto: Search Page

Before I let you go – if you’d like more information on any of these projects, please book a free call with me or somebody from my team. We’d be happy to help you pick the right investment based on your situation. I do have a couple of more projects that I am fairly confident about. However, they aren’t under $600K. If you’d like, you can take a look at some of these recommendations in this blog titled ‘7 Best Pre-Construction Condos Launching In Toronto In 2023’

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