BIG King Toronto is a mixed-use development that will span the centre third of the King West block between Spadina Avenue and Portland Street (489 to 539 King Street West). Similar to his residential masterpiece, The Mountain, with its cascading design that grants each suite a terrace directly facing the sun, King Toronto serves to design suites in such a way that all units will have great views and sun exposure.

The 45 degree angle of the suites paired with the rising and falling volumes of the residential levels allows for all suites to have terraces or balconies and promotes the potential for urban farming. Original designs also strive for a 40% window to wall ratio, maximizing the exposure to sunlight and hopefully making those dreary Toronto winters a bit more tolerable. 

layered design for Bjarke Ingels' King West development

Image: Bjarke Ingels Company

The latest adjustment to the design plans is the use of light glass blocks rather than precast concrete for the residential facade. Inside, there are expected to be 514 residential suites, including at least 51 three bedroom suites which is required of any Toronto condo with more than 100 units.

The development will be built around a few heritage properties which will house retail space. The first three levels will be retail and commercial space while the upper-most floors — 16-storeys of undulating volumes — will be residential. The interior will feature an inner plaza on the east, a hemlock forest on the west, and a new open courtyard that will extend to Wellington Street to the south. Along the heritage properties will also be several laneways with art that will change periodically.

Read more about this exciting development here.

bjarke ingles condos toronto


• 489 – 539 King Street West
• Bjarke Ingels Group
• Diamond + Schmitt Architects
• Westbank

• 16-storeys
• 514 units
• All with Balconies or Terraces
• 4 Distinct Towers

• 100 Unique Layouts
• Open Courtyard

• Hemlock Forest
• Lowest 3 Levels for Commercial


king west street at nightIf you work hard and play hard, King West is the neighbourhood for you. Along with lots of condos and lofts, King West has one of the most active nightclubs and bar scenes in Toronto.

The appeal to living in the King West area is the proximity to a slew of amazing restaurants, shops, clubs, and theatres. King West, which overlaps with the Entertainment District, has the added cache of being the host neighbourhood for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which takes place annually in September. This festival attracts mega-stars to premiere screenings and creates a buzz throughout the whole city.

The headquarters for the festival is the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre at King and John Street, while its surrounded by glitzy, new condos that reflect the energetic, urban lifestyle enjoyed by residents of this neighbourhood.

Getting around is no problem here. Despite the ability to walk nearly everywhere (walk score: 99), you can take the King Streetcar as far west as Dundas West Station in Roncesvalles and as far east as Broadview Station along the Danforth. Take a quick stroll up to Queen to head to the beaches or head west as far as Etobicoke (Transit score: 100). You’ll be living like a King in King West.




The process to buying pre-construction condos can be quite rushed. When you register with us for a project, we’ll reach out to you to get your specifics, so it’s good to know in advance the type of unit you’re looking for and your budget. If you register ahead of the sales launch and are serious about buying, we will get you to fill out a builder suite request worksheet.

You can see the full Steps to Purchase here.

By submitting a worksheet, you increase your chances of getting your preferred suite. In essence, it is a suite request sheet. It shows the condo developer that there are interested buyers. Agents are then allocated suites based on the worksheets they submit.

Many pre-construction launches are fast-paced and extremely competitive with buildings selling out in 24 hours. In these launches a suite request worksheet submission is necessary to ensure that you actually have a possibility of receiving the suite you’d like (but this is never guaranteed).

You are not guaranteed to receive the suite you request and you are also in no way obligated to buy the suite you’ve been allocated.

Learn more about builder worksheets here.

We are unable to guarantee that the suite you request will be allocated to you and your agent. Many pre-construction sales launches are extremely competitive and fast-paced. To increase your odds of receiving an allocation it is best to be flexible on the type of suite, floor and exposure that you have requested. You are also in no way obligated to purchase the suite you’ve been allocated.

Learn more about builder worksheets here.

Pierre’s expertise in Toronto’s pre-construction condo market has earned him Platinum Broker status among Toronto’s top developers. This means that when you buy or invest with the Pierre Carapetian Group team, you have your pick of the best floor plans and the lowest pricing available.

We represent you, not the builder and we will always guide you towards projects that we believe are a good investment and have great resale value.

Download our Pre-Construction Investment Guide to get better acquainted with the process.

The deposit structure on pre-construction condos will vary from project to project but generally breaks down like this:
$5,000 on signing
balance to 5% in 30 days
5% in 60-90 days
5% in 120-270 days
5% on occupancy

Yes. As we mentioned, the process to buying pre-construction can be quite competitive and rushed. After you’ve signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the builder you are given ten days to look over the contract and ensure everything looks good for you. Keep in mind, the cooling off period is ten consecutive days, not ten business days.

Getting a lawyer, preferably one who is familiar with pre-construction contracts, is never a bad idea. We would encourage our clients to have a real estate lawyer review their Agreement of Purchase and Sale during the Cooling Off period. If you need help finding a lawyer, we can introduce you to our lawyer who handles many of our pre-construction clients.

You won’t need a mortgage pre-approval right away, but it is always best to speak to your mortgage professional so that you fully understand your borrowing power.

You will however need a Mortgage Letter that states upon the building taking occupancy you will be able to afford and carry the property. Typically this is required within the first 30 days of signing. It is always a good idea to get a mortgage pre-approval in the beginning of your real estate journey so that you know how much you can afford.

On closing, which is three to four years after signing, you will need to pay closing costs. As with any property purchase you will have to pay:
• Legal fees (about $1,500-$2,000)
• Municipal & Provincial Land Transfer Tax (this will depend on the price of the property–use our Land Transfer Tax calculator)

In addition to these, pre-construction closing costs also include:
• Development charges (these vary per project depending on the unit type but can range from $5,000-$12,000)
• HST (for investors, which can be rebated back up to $24,000)

Read more on the nuances of Closing Costs here

This will depend on whether you are buying as an end user (planning to live there) or an investor. In Ontario, there are two types of HST Rebates in place for newly built properties.

If you are buying as an end user, typically the Ontario HST rebate is assigned to the builder directly upon closing, allowing the builder to essentially pay the cost of the HST from your purchase.

If you are buying as an investor, you must pay the HST upfront at closing and have your lawyer file for a full HST rebate, refunded 4 to 6 weeks later provided they have a one year lease in place.

You can read more on the HST Rebate here.